How Meditation & Guided Imagery Works

Through meditation and guided imagery we can learn to access the relaxation response. Physiological research shows that during meditation and imagery the body gains a deeper state of relaxation than during ordinary rest or napping. A heightened state of awareness and coherence is produced by a regular practice of meditation.

Increased emotional stability, adaptability to life’s changes and challenges, increased intelligence (both emotional and intellectual), increased perceptiveness and creativity, and reduced high blood pressure and pulse rate have been demonstrated in numerous studies on meditators.

Meditation reduces anxiety and increases self-actualization of your true potential. Studies have shown significant reduction in chronic pain and an improvement in the quality of life with those that routinely practice meditation and guided imagery. Meditation/relaxation practice, especially in a group setting, can enhance one’s goals and efforts toward personal and spiritual growth.

2016 Meditation Schedule


Date Day
January 4 Monday
February 1 Monday
March 7 Monday
April 4 Monday
May 2 Monday
June 6 Monday
July 4 Monday
August 1 Monday
September 5 Monday
October 3 Monday
November 7 Monday
December 5 Monday