RS_signing2Veronica (Ronnie) Shaffer, R. T. R. has been a Healing Arts Practitioner since 1988.

  • She lectures extensively on relaxation and stress reduction techniques, and leads a twice monthly meditation group in Abington, MA
  • She teaches the popular Psychic Self Awareness workshop and a Prosperity workshop in both Boston and the surrounding areas.
  • She teaches a weekly yoga class at All Sports Fitness in Rockland, MA and periodically teaches a six-week yoga course in her home.
  • She taught yoga and meditation to women in prison the past five years.
  • She has twenty years experience as a radiologic technologist at Massachusetts General Hospital (in the CT and MRI Departments) and has retired from the health care profession.

Ronnie has gathered groups for spiritual odysseys to Egypt, Nepal, Tibet, and Peru. This spiritual process has expanded and heightened her understanding of the diversity and complexity of the world, as well as the common philosophical threads of love and peace which run through most of the world’s great spiritual and religious systems.